Get the complete series! | Value Pack of all 9 DVD’s | Over 10 hours of footage


This value pack of 9 DVD’s (over 10 hours of footage!) includes:

√ Leading: Getting the Reins Connected to the Feet
√ Circling
√ Backing
√ Reach the Hind
√ Working with a Flag (Includes instruction on getting your horse to pick you up off the fence or mounting block)
√ Unwinding
√ The Power of Touch
√ Rolling the Jaw (and lateral flexion)
√ Hindquarters Over, Forehand Through (Includes a Yearlings first tying lesson)
√ The Effectiveness of Leg Aids Through Groundwork
√ Bringing it All Together

This video series contains actual clinic footage of Brent working with students’ horses. Brent gives clear, practical advice to elevate your ground skills which improves trust, understanding, suppleness, and balance, and directly relates to your ride. No fluff, gimmicks or tricks.

In this comprehensive video series, Brent goes from one student to the next guiding them through the maze of communicating with horses in a calm, respectful, and effective manner.

Format: NTSC All Regions




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