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My name is Julie Arkinson from Michigan. I’ve been studying dressage and vaquero horsemanship for the last 25 years of my life. There are a lot of similarities. Each one can help to enhance the other. The study of two different worlds can really allow a person to explore their own unique signature with their horses and with themselves. Brent is a really nice blend of both of those worlds.
Julie Arkison
Saline, MI

I’m Caren Reaves from Bartonville, Texas … One of the things that makes Brent very special and gifted as a teacher is he’s able to take every exercise and modify it to meet the needs of each individual person. There may be riders that are very novice or unconfident, and there may be other riders who are pursuing very high-level goals and are very advanced in their discipline. Brent is able to take every exercise and tailor it so all needs of all riders are met simultaneously. The advanced riders aren’t feeling as if they aren’t getting their money’s worth, and the novice riders aren’t feeling like they’re being over faced and intimidated by what Brent presents.
Caren Reaves
Bartonville, TX

My name is Gary Schroeder from Swanton, Ohio. We’d been looking for a better deal for our horses for many, many years and, Brent had what we were looking for. We’d been with Ray Hunt a number of times and (with Brent) we saw a lot of what we could relate to. Ray (Hunt) used to say “I’m here for the horse, not you. I’m the horse’s lawyer”. Brent is here for both. He has a good bedside manner.
Gary Schroeder
Swanton, OH

My name is Amy Hornback. I am from Michigan. I’ve seen Brent take a horse that didn’t have any manners; could be dangerous to the handler, and within two or three minutes that horse knew exactly what to do. I also saw the horse become softer, happier, and safe to be around. All because Brent was clear, with gentle hands and a pure heart.
Amy Hornback
South Lyon, MI

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