For more than two decades, this soft spoken, kind-hearted, West Texas cowboy has been traveling the country helping horses and their humans gain a better understanding of each other. Brent is passionate about his quest for finding ways to give the horse a better deal. He is equally passionate about treating his students with that same respect. Brent has coached everybody from back yard horse lovers, to world class competitors, high level dressage riders, working ranch cowboys, and other horse professionals. Brent’s life-long journey handling horses began on the plains of West Texas, where he recalls doing his first cattle drive at age 5 and starting his first colt at age 11. Prior to teaching Horsemanship Clinics, Brent earned his living on horseback, starting colts and working the family ranch and feed lot. Some call it ‘natural horsemanship’. Brent simply refers to it as seeing things from the horse’s perspective. If we can work with the horse’s nature, using an understanding of how horses think, we can communicate in a way that develops a relationship of unity based on trust. He puts an emphasis on making the right thing obvious for the horse, instead of always making the wrong thing difficult. Brent gives clear, practical advice to elevate your skills to improve suppleness, balance, softness, and responsiveness. No fluff, gimmicks or tricks. Brent’s style of horsemanship has been influenced by the teachings of Tom & Bill Dorrance, Ray Hunt, and others. He lives near Amarillo, TX, with his wife, Kris.
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