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Brent is grateful to be able to help you along your journey. His clinics offer a fun, safe environment where respect for both the horse and their fellow human, is a priority. Brent offers insight that will help you see things from your horse’s perspective so you can communicate in a way that is fair, effective, and develops a relationship based on trust. To help you reach your goals, Brent offers several different types of classes: Foundation, Advancing, Young Horse Handling (Halter start untouched yearlings), Horsemanship with Cows.

Approximately 50% groundwork, 50% riding. This class is about finding, and filling in the holes to strengthen your foundation. It’s perfect not only for green horses/riders but, also for serious students of horsemanship who understand the importance of a solid foundation. Emphasis on reading the horse’s expressions, developing balanced, supple movements. Remember, all those fancy maneuvers you dream of are really just the foundation, done to a higher degree of perfection. Learn to read your horse so you can develop your feel, timing, and balance on the ground, and then take those skills to the saddle. Colts are welcome in the groundwork portion of the class but horses in the riding portion must already be going under saddle, as this is NOT a colt start class. Do you want to know what to expect in Brent’s ‘Foundation’ class? Take a sneak peek at the below video (includes actual clinic footage).

Take a sneak peek at the below video (includes actual clinic footage).

I believe this has been the most significant, thought-provoking, thought CHANGING, clinic or instruction I've ever been involved in during my entire horsemanship journey beginning in the mid- to late-90's. To give a short rational one word answer, the clinic was phenomenal.
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This class is all riding. You’ll explore soft feel, softness through transitions, control of the hindquarters and forehand, and lateral moves. These things help your horse become softer and more supple. You’ll learn how to feel where the feet are so you can guide your horse through maneuvers with good timing, which helps your horse maintain correct form and balance. Whether your goal is high level competition, ranch work, or to simply feel safe riding down the trail, you’ll refine the skills you need to fulfill your goals. Do you want to know what to expect in Brent’s ‘Advancing’ class?

Take a sneak peek at the below video (includes actual clinic footage).

(You will NOT bring your own horse to this course. Horses are provided by local ranches.) This course is made available to those who are confident around horses and VERY SERIOUS about their horsemanship. Students often refer to this class as one of the most powerful learning experiences in their horsemanship journey. These little horses will bless you with lessons you never knew you needed;-) In this class, we’ll halter start untouched yearlings. They are born and raised in the pasture and have had very little human contact. Brent gives you coaching and guidance every step of the way. This course will take your horsemanship to new heights! Develop your skills; take those skills home to your own horse, and every horse you touch thereafter. This class is not for the faint of heart. These young horses are, for all intents and purposes, wild animals. (Participants must be at least 18 years of age.) The foundation you put on these horses will follow them for the rest of their lives. It is an important part of their education, and we are certain this experience will be an important part of your education, too. You’ll be assigned your own horse for the week. We’ll work together to help them learn the skills essential for life with humans, including: to catch, lead, pick up their feet, tie, trailer load, accept wormer & shots, accept the saddle blanket and cinch, and, most important, to trust and enjoy having us in their lives and look to us for guidance. It’s not just about horses. It is a transformational experience. In order for these young horses to trust you, you must demonstrate humility and show you’re trustworthy. In order for them to let go of their fears, you must demonstrate that you can let go of your own fears. In order for them to understand humans, you must learn to understand, not only the horse but understand yourself. With a “wild” horse, we feel closer to nature and the lessons are magnified even more than with our own horses at home. This 6-day course is offered near Brent’s home, just outside of Amarillo, TX. Participants fly into Amarillo, TX (airport code “AMA”). We’ll pick everybody up from the airport and chauffeur the group around town as necessary. (No car rental necessary). Convenient, affordable accommodations are available (non-smokers only). Accommodations fee includes most meals (Participants with special dietary needs are responsible for their own meals (We can take you to a store if you need to pick up your own groceries). When we eat out, each person is responsible for their own meal ticket. This class is 100% outdoors. You will be on your feet most of the day. Sorry, spectators are not allowed at this class. Do you want to know what to expect in Brent’s ‘Young Horse Handling’ class? Watch the video below to learn more. (Includes actual clinic footage of a yearling’s first trailer loading lesson with Brent.)

Take a sneak peek at the below video (includes actual clinic footage).

It is SO difficult to put into words what happens at the Young Horse Handling clinic. The stuff that you see--the stuff that happens on the outside, is the easy part. But what changes on the inside of both horse & human is so special & intimate that it feels almost sacred.
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Gary Schroeder, Ohio

Kelly York, Oregon

Lee Blakeney: Facility host for "Young Horse" classes

Nancy Rice, Washington

The purpose of this class is to use cows as a tool to improve your horsemanship (and to have LOTS of fun!). Giving yourself and your horse a common focus allows the two of you a great opportunity to blend together and work as a team. Cows can be a great inspiration to your horse in helping him with some of those sticky spots like, moving the front end over, backing up, and lateral moves. It also does wonders for your horse’s confidence in you, and in himself.
First, you’ll spend time visiting the basics of good horsemanship. You’ll work to get better stops and crisper turns, and then… BRING ON THE COWS! You’ll develop an understanding of some of the key elements used and positioning required to work cattle. (We will not be roping in this class.)
Anyone is welcome to participate, whether you ride english or western. You and your horse do not need any previous cow working experience. To participate in this class you should be comfortable at the canter. The emphasis is good horsemanship, and low stress cow handling.

Do you want to know what to expect in Brent’s ‘Advancing’ class?

The “horsemanship” class is a combination of the “Foundation” and “Advancing” classes.   You’ll start on the ground; Brent will see what people need/want, and go from there. Sometimes Brent will have some people riding, while others do the same exercises from the ground.
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