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All halters hand made by Kris Graef.  Brent Graef halters are made from 6mm rope with a nylon core and a 16 strand double diamond braided nylon cover with a rubber coated tip on the tie end. 

Specialty sizes (foal, weanling, yearling, pony, arab, warmblood, draft) have sizing labels.

Scroll down to see product video:   √ How to adjust size of noseband,   √ How to attach lead rope,   √ How to tie halter onto your horse

WARNING: Rope halters are not intended to be left on your horse while in a stall or pasture. They are unbreakable so if your horse gets caught on something, serious injury could result. Do not attach lead ropes or reins to just one of the tie loops (under the chin) as this could destroy the halter.

Video shows how to adjust size of noseband, how to attach lead rope, how to tie on your horse. 

Click “HD” button to play in Hi Definition. Videos are not able to be viewed full screen.


Black, Maroon, Electric Blue, Neon Turquoise, Purple with Black accent, Brown, Red, Navy Blue, Orange, Neon Hot Pink


Foal, Weanling, Yearling, Pony, Arab, Horse, Warmblood (Belgian/Shire), Draft (Clydesdale)

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